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I just can’t get enough

We all have things that interest us.  Sometimes that interest becomes a fascination.  They become things we can’t get enough of.  We read about them, we study them, we attempt them, we teach them.

Things that fascinate

  • Neurolinguistic Programming – One of the key elements of NLP is that all change starts within the individual.  I’m fascinated by the notion that if we aren’t getting the results we want,  we should do something differently.   I love the notion that there is no failure, only feed back, and that each of us have all of the resources we need inside of us.
  • Automation – Automation is all about freeing up resources.  It is the technique of making a process work by itself without control. What if you could automate most of what you do each day?  How much time energy and resources would you have for the things that really matter to you?
  • Behavioral Economics – Behavioral economics studies the effect of psychological, social, emotional and experiential factors on how we make decisions.  We all think that we are rational, but the truth is we make irrational decisions every day, and then justify them.  How can we use this knowledge for good.
  • Accelerated Learning – Is all about getting results, fast.  Accelerated learning is achieved by engaging not just the mind, but the mind and body through physical activity, emotion, music, color, images and other methods.  What if you could become fluent in a language in just six weeks?  Practitioners of accelerated learning have.  How much more effective could we be if we learned new things faster?
  • Probability – certain things are likely to occur.  Why is that?  Can we do anything about it?  Can we use that knowledge for our benefit and the benefit of others?
  • The 80/20 Rule – There seems to be a universal truth that 80% of all results come from just 20% of all causes.  You see the 80/20 rule just about everywhere.  What if we applied it to everything we did?

3 Simple Steps

  • Identify 2-3 things that fascinate you
  • Read at least two books and three blogs on the subject
  • Use what you learn in coaching your clients

What things fascinate you

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