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How Good do You Want to Be?

How good do you want to be?  That is a tough question to ponder, and an important one.  How good do you want to be personally?  What about in your relationships with your family and friends?  How good do you want to be in your career – in your work, your business, financially?  How good do you want to be in your spiritual life?

You are Capable of More

How good do you want to be?  Ask yourself that question, and it inevitably leads to another question.  Are you capable of more?

The answer is yes.  You are capable of more.  Regardless of the measure of success, or lack thereof, that you have already experienced, you are capable of more.  You have not scratched the surface of your full potential.

You Were Put on this Planet for a Purpose

Every one of us has a unique purpose.  You have individual values, characteristics, abilities, and experience; they indicate your purpose.  We know it intuitively.  We’ve all felt a special spark inside of us aching to get out.  We’ve all experienced times of flow.  But, all too often we dismiss it.

But, what if you didn’t dismiss it.  What if you explored it, tapped into it, used it and lived it?  How would that serve you, your family, your community, and the world?

Coaching Purpose

The Coaching Purpose website was created to help you explore your purpose and to help you build and achieve goals that align with that purpose.

The resources found on this website will guide you on that journey.

You’ll discover systems, frameworks, and processes you can use to achieve success in any area of your life, and then to move beyond success to purpose and fulfillment.

Coaching Purpose will launch on September 4th.  It will contain among other things articles on achievement, fulfillment, and leadership.

It will also provide resources to help with your journey.  Those resources will include book reviews and recommendations, tools, checklists, how-to guides and more.

You’ll be able to connect with others working to live their lives and purpose.  This will allow you to share best practices and get advice from a like-minded community of high-performers.

And, you’ll get weekly tips, inspiration and information emailed directly to you each week.

Let’s Get Started

While our site doesn’t launch until September 4th, we’d like to give you early access.  We’d like you to become part of our launch team.  You can help us ensure the information and resources on this site are valuable and relevant.

Here is how you can become part of our launch team:

  • Tell us what you need – Take a few minutes to take our Coaching Purpose Survey.  It will help us to develop useful content, and it will likely help you to clarify your goals and challenges.
  • Join our community – Become one of the first people to join our Facebook group.  You’ll get daily inspiration, and early access to some of the articles and resources we’re developing.  We’ll be looking for your feedback on what’s useful and what is not.
  • Share the message – If you know of other people who would be interested in living a life of purpose and fulfillment, please let them know about what’s coming by sharing the link below with them.

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Be as Good as You Can Be

You are capable of more.  You have untapped potential.  The world is not served by you playing small.  The only question is how good do you want to be?