Weekly Performance Tips

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The purpose of this website is to help me curate, study and document the strategies and tactics I observe in high-performers.  To help reinforce what I learn I’ve created a weekly performance tip email.  Every week I email myself the top tips that I learned from the week before.

If you’d like, I’ll email you my weekly performance tips, too.  You can subscribe for free below.

Knowledge is useless unless it is put into practice, action.  The weekly email is my reminder to act on the strategies and tactics that lead to success.

The Performance Tip Email is a curation of the best articles, blog posts, videos, quotes, and tips I discovered or revisited the week before.

It also includes at least one article that I’ve written to clarify my thinking on achievement, fulfillment, and purpose.  And, finally, it includes one to three action items to focus on during the week ahead.

I send the email every Tuesday morning.

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Weekly Performance Tips

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