There is a difference between achievers and high performers.

Achievers focus on attaining their goals, and they do!  High performers ensure the goals they pursue are aligned with their purpose and values.

Coaching Purpose was created to help achievers become high performers.

You’ll find Performance Tips on how to identify your real values and purpose, how to develop goals that are in alignment with your purpose,  and how to put systems in place to ensure your high performance.

The Coaching Purpose Community is a group of high performers who come together to share their best practices, network with other high performers and share their best practices toward fulfilling true potential.


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Things that Fascinate Me
Things that Fascinate Me
February 23, 2018
I just can't get enough We all have things that interest us.  Sometimes that interest becomes a fascination.  They become things we can't get enough of.  We read about them, we study them,
Lead the Willing
Lead the Willing
February 16, 2018
If you want to enjoy success, you will have to lead.  Look around at the most successful people you know, they are leaders.  People follow them. In his timeless classic, The Law of Succes
What’s the Headline for Your Story
What’s the Headline for Your Story
February 9, 2018
What's your headline Ten years from now, if someone were to write a story of your life, what would you want the headline to be? Would you want it to be, Well She Made It Through?  Or,

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